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The NL865H2 is designed for size sensitive applications. NB-IoT devices are specifically tailored for low data throughput IoT applications. The NL865H2 creates brand-new IoT enabled business models by addressing connectivity and battery life concerns for the growing number of OEMs, integrators and device designers looking to dramatically increase the number of data points they can collect from their operations and customers via IoT devices.

Compliant with 3GPP Release 14, the NL865H2 LTE UE Cat NB2 module is optimized in cost, size and power consumption compared to higher UE categories. 3GPP Release 14 further improves these features and also adds techniques to increase the data rate for NB-IoT. 

NL865H2-W1 module provides: 

  • Compliant to 3GPP Release 14 Cat NB2
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with Telit xL865 Family Form Factor
  • Optimized in power and cost
  • Optional built-in eSIM


M2M Komunikacja bezprzewodowa Moduły OEM LTE


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