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FireFly copper and optical cable systems provide the flexibility to achieve higher data rates to 28 Gbps and/or greater distances, simplifying board design and enhancing performance

Board-to-Board. Cable Assembly. Panel & I/O applications.

Rugged contact systems, flexible power interconnects and rugged signal integrity create the foundation of Samtec’s micro rugged

Z-Ray is ultra-low profile, high-density one-piece arrays with compression contacts.

złącza RF: SMA, UFL, MCX MMCX, BNC, TNC. przejściówki, adaptery.

IP68 gniazdo USB 2.0 . Montaż na panel. Wyprowadzenie pod kabel USB.

Edge Card Connector Systems: High-speed edge card interconnects on choice of 0.50mm, 0.60mm, 0.635mm, 0.80mm,

Samtec AccliMate™ threaded circulars are tested to IP68 for dust and water applications.

Rugged overmold construction
Available as Mini USB, USB, and Ethernet systems
Ethernet version available for field termination
Dust caps available