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FireFly copper and optical cable systems provide the flexibility to achieve higher data rates to 28 Gbps and/or greater distances, simplifying board design and enhancing performance

Board-to-Board. Cable Assembly. Panel & I/O applications.

Rugged contact systems, flexible power interconnects and rugged signal integrity create the foundation of Samtec’s micro rugged

Z-Ray is ultra-low profile, high-density one-piece arrays with compression contacts.

złącza RF: SMA, UFL, MCX MMCX, BNC, TNC. przejściówki, adaptery.

IP68 gniazdo USB 2.0 . Montaż na panel. Wyprowadzenie pod kabel USB.

Edge Card Connector Systems: High-speed edge card interconnects on choice of 0.50mm, 0.60mm, 0.635mm, 0.80mm,

Gniazdo metalowe męskie. Ilość styków: 3. Prąd/napięcie: 7A 250V. Montaż: przykręcane na panel.