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XW series

The ultimate Emergency stop range with all the latest feature. Highest safety level provided thanks to unique reverse energy structure and the fool-proof Safe break action. Numerous options avaialble to fulfill all possible needs.

Main features:

  • 3rd generation E-stop with IDEC's original "reverse energy control"
  • Unique "Safe Break action" : the contacts are held open if the button is not correctly fixed or damaged.
  • Two ways of resetting : pulling and turning
  • Very compact product (37.1mm deep behind panel with 4 contacts)
  • Numerous option including illumination linked to operation, size and color of the button, terminals...

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Featured Products

The QH series is a range of LED illuminated panel mounting halo’s available in Ø16, Ø19 and Ø22mm panel cut-outs and designed to integrate with switches and other APEM indicators, there is also an oversized version for use with Emergency Stop switches.