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Enabling a new generation of massive low-cost IoT device deployments numbering in the hundreds of thousands or millions, the ME310G1 is the Category M1/NB2 evolution of the brand new Telit xE310 product family. Exceeding market demands for optimized power consumption and enhanced quality of coverage, Cat M1/NB2 devices are specifically tailored for low data throughput IoT applications. The ME310G1 creates brand-new IoT-enabled business models by addressing connectivity and battery life concerns for the growing number of OEMs, integrators and device designers looking to dramatically increase the number of data points they can collect from their operations and customers via IoT devices. IoT is now possible at a scale and cost point that makes many previously unviable deployments ROI positive.

Compliant with 3GPP Release 14, the ME310G1 LTE UE CatM1/NB2 module enables increased power saving for IoT applications using Power Saving Mode (PSM) and extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX), allowing devices to wake up periodically, while delivering only the smallest amounts of data necessary before returning to sleep mode. Enhanced coverage, enabled by maximum coupling loss (MCL) of up to +15dB/+20dB, provides superior in-building penetration compared to earlier cellular LTE standards. LTE CatM1/NB2 devices are optimized in cost, size and power consumption compared to higher UE categories. 3GPP Release 14 further improves these features by adding techniques to increase the data rate for LTE-M and NB-IoT. These advantages make the ME310G1 ideal for enabling quick implementation of LTE technology where low cost and low power consumption are more relevant than high speed.

Key Benefits
• Small size and low power consumption
• Optimized for ease-of-design, high yield and low-cost manufacturing
• Compliant to 3GPP Release 14 Cat M1/NB2, tailored for IoT devices
• Ideal solution for medical devices, fitness trackers, industrial sensors, smart meters, and other mass-production, mass-deployment applications.
• Module sizes ranging from 300 down to below 200 mm2 on a fixed 94-pad LGA footprint enable a 'design once,
use anywhere' IoT device strategy.

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